Street Ast, Salvador, Brazil

Salvador Brazil Travel Blog

  If you’re thinking of travelling to Brazil, be sure to check out Salvador Bahia. After spending many months backpacking South America, Salvador was suggested by a local travel expert who assured me I would not be disappointed. I quickly learned that of the main highlights of Salvador, which should be on any travellers list, is the Pelourinho district. You’ll…

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Top 5 Things to do in San Antonio

San Antonio is at the helm to some of the most famous historic places in Texas. San Antonio is an incredible city ideal for sightseeing. Apart from the attractions you can also add a no. of fun activities to your San Antonio itinerary. There are many activities to do in San Antonio, both for families as well as solo travelers.…

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Castle, Walt Disney World, Orlando

6 Must Visit Places in Florida

An assortment of beaches, amusement parks and national parks makes Florida one of the best destination for tourists in America. This is equally true for both the families as well as young solo travelers. Orlando in particular is a favorite destination for families due to the presense of two major theme parks. While people looking to soak up some Sun…

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Bolivian Salt Flats

Backpacking South America Alone

I had always dreamed of conquering Patagonia, going crazy is salt flats, getting lost in Amazon and hiking to the top of Machu pichu. And when it finally happened, with meticulous planning I sailed off to fulfill my long standing dream. Well prepared with backpacking essentials and a south america itinerary in mind, I began my exploration. Many of you must be…

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Las Vegas Strip, United States

Las Vegas Travel Tips

The gambling Capital of the world or the Las Vegas is located in the Nevada desert. Las Vegas has a population of more than half a million but its population swell has visitors throng in millions. Not only as entertainment capital of the county, the city of Las Vegas is also popular as a business destination as thousands of conventions take…

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Portland Travel Tips for Solo Travelers

Portland is Oregon’s biggest city, and rightly so with its population for more than half a million people. The city just like SF is considered very liberal in its views. The public transport is one of the best in U.S and you will rarely need a cab to see the city. Portland is also considered America’s Greenest City. If you…

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Kirkjufell, Iceland

3 days Iceland itinerary

This 3 day Iceland itinerary highlights the best of the Iceland. This is no way comprehensive and if you do have at least one week you should hire a car and go around the famous Iceland Ring Road to truly enjoy the volcanic scenery. If you do have more time, I will strongly suggest you to try some adventurous activities,…

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