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Stars Van, Salar De Uyuni Bolivia Salt Flats

Solo Backpacking in Bolivia

I backpacked through Bolivia, and really loved my solo travel adventure. I know, I know traveling solo is not for everyone and it can be really scary to travel without friends or family. However, you can make your life little easier by adhering to some common sense and following closely the travel tips for first time travelers. In any case,…

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Guatape, Colombia Sam Ward

Backpacking alone in Colombia

Ready for your South American Adventure? Here are the top things to do in Colombia.   1. Tayrona National Park Tayrona National Park is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Colombia, but for good reason – it is gorgeous! This stunning National Park captures the heart of visitors with its crystal clear blue ocean water, dense green jungle,…

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Starting Off! Train To The Clouds, Day Trip From Salta, Argentina

Backpacking through Argentina

I backpacked through Argentina and loved this amazing country. Argentina is packed with so much natural beauty that you won’t believe. The jungles, the glaciers, the mountains, the flats and of-course the southern tip of the world too! Here are so of my picks of top places to visit in Argentina: 1. Bariloche Ski Resort Bariloche is a sleepy ski resort…

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Taylor Record,

Backpacking through Peru Itinerary

I backpacked through Peru and found it one of the most beautiful country in South America. Here are the top things to do backpacking Peru:   1. Ollantaytambo, Peru There’s an ages old structure deep in southern Peru that stands as one of the most incredible lost cities that’s been rediscovered by man, but it isn’t Machu Picchu. It’s the…

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Valle De La Luna, Chile

Backpacking Chile – Solo Guide

I backpacked through Chile and loved exploring this beautiful South American destination. Here are the top things to do while backpacking Chile:   1. Exploring the Atacama Desert in San Pedro San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, is like nothing I have seen before. Imagine descending from the Andes Mountains in Bolivia into the vast Atacama Desert of Chile, the driest…

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Wax Palm Tree, Valle De Cocora

Top Hikes in Colombia

I bacpacked through Columbia and truly enjoyed. The high point of my solo travel in Columbia were the hikes. Here are a few top hike in Columbia to do: 1. Hiking in the Valle de Cocora Within the Zona Cafetera, Valle de Cocora is a MUST to do in Colombia. There, the tallest wax palm trees in the world stand like…

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Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Backpacking Brazil Alone

Backpacking Brazil is one the dream trips you will ever take. From beautiful beaches, to deep forests and unclaimed mountains Brazil has the natural beauty that is cynosure of every eye. Here are my some of the best picks as things to do in Brazil: 1. Rio De Janeiro Rio De Janeiro should be near the top of anyone’s South…

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Street Ast, Salvador, Brazil

Salvador Brazil Travel Blog

  If you’re thinking of travelling to Brazil, be sure to check out Salvador Bahia. After spending many months backpacking South America, Salvador was suggested by a local travel expert who assured me I would not be disappointed. I quickly learned that of the main highlights of Salvador, which should be on any travellers list, is the Pelourinho district. You’ll…

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Bolivian Salt Flats

Backpacking South America Alone

I had always dreamed of conquering Patagonia, going crazy is salt flats, getting lost in Amazon and hiking to the top of Machu pichu. And when it finally happened, with meticulous planning I sailed off to fulfill my long standing dream. Well prepared with backpacking essentials and a south america itinerary in mind, I began my exploration. Many of you must be…

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